About Natural Carnivore

How We Got Started

It was only supposed to just be "One Maine Coon" for us... then our breeder made a suggestion, and then an offer, and a year later... We now have 3 Maine Coons of our own, along with our original 3 rescues.

We made a choice years ago to only feed our cats the highest quality foods we could find. Those countless hours of research led us to realize RAW food was the ONLY food for our pets.

The proof is in the results of our cats health, size, and quality of fur. There's no denying the benefits and even our Vets are amazed with our cats.

We believe so strongly and passionately about providing the best quality of food, life, and care for our pets, that we decided to take our passion to the next level and opened "Natural Carnivore".

Claws & Paws

As much as we love dogs, cat owners can find it frustrating how most pet stores carry primarily dog products, and so little for cats. So we decided to do something crazy... We focus a little more on Crazy Cat People and their Furbabies than we do on dogs. But don't worry, mans best friend will still feel like head of the pack here too!

Small Space | Huge Quality

We admit it... Our store is small... for now. We don't believe in overwhelming or confusing our guests with countless selections.

We simply carry what we believe and know to be the very highest quality brands on the market. We did the research, so you don't have to.

Rustic Furnishings

We design and build our own custom catmospheres, which blend Feline and Hooman living spaces seamlessly and with a rustic charm purrfect for Kings & Queens.

We can fulfill your custom needs and design play areas, trees, condos, litter boxes, climbing and hiding spaces for your cats. Meet with us to discuss your goals.

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